Great job, you are going for it!  You've decided you want to take your beauty brand to the EU market. Now what?

Whether you already have a wholesale customer that wants to carry your product or you are simply strategizing for the future, to sell your products in the European Union (EU) there are two essential requirements:

Product EU Regulation Compliance & Registration
your products must comply with specific EU Regulation ingredient & labeling requirements

EU Responsible Person Designationwhile on the market your product must have a designated Responsible Person in the EU

Nervous about taking the next step? We totally get it!

As authors of a cosmetic brand ourselves, we completely understand what it means to launch and build an indie beauty brand.

bit Beauty's EU Registration & Responsible Person services were built specifically with indie beauty brands in mind, including built-in pricing flexibility and personalized assistance through each step of the process. 

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Is your product ready for the EU market?
Attend this complimentary webinar to learn more about what steps you need to take.  We'll discuss topics like:

EU vs. FDA compliance

EU vs. Country regulation

Types of ingredient regulations

Testing Requirements

Claim Red Flags

Labels & Languages

PIF & Safety Assessment

Function of a Responsible Person

Estimated Time & Cost

Cheat Sheet

A quick and easy guide to help you understand the EU Cosmetic Registration & Responsible Person process.

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